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Techniques for applying paint protection film in different countries


in America and the technique of pasting in Russia

The main differences between car patterns from different manufacturers


High accuracy of drawings, the ability to check for compatibility and other advantages of film patterns from the Auto Patterns PPF store

How is the interior of the car pasted with film


Stages of pasting the car interior with film: preparation of the interior, cutting the film, gluing, smoothing and drying

What types of films for tinting headlights


If you want to change the appearance of your car, then tinting the headlights is one of the ways of original tuning. But it is important that this procedure is legal and does not cause you trouble in the future

How to change the car interior style


Cracks and scratches appear on the exterior surface of the car and on the windows during operation. To protect against the effects of gravel and stones, use a film

Tools that you will need to tint the car


Even with a basic set of tools and accessories, you can achieve a high-quality result

What skills do you need to quickly learn how to cover cars with film


The quality of the work on applying the protective material to the body and interior parts largely depends on how well the adhesive is prepared

Discount price list


For customers who often buy patterns, we have prepared a special discount system

Advantages of polyurethane and vinyl film with a matte effect


Advantages of a matte film for pasting interior elements


What is the best way to glue the monitor in the car interior?


How to properly glue the display with a protective film