Why do I need to protect the plastic parts of the car interior

Why do I need to protect the plastic parts of the car interior
The interior of the car has a lot of plastic parts, starting from the ceiling and ending with the thresholds. The panels on the doors, the linings on the racks and back shelf, the center console and the dashboard are all made of various types of plastic.
Outside the car body is attacked by natural phenomena and weather conditions, dust, moisture, small stones, branches. Today they have their damage reduced thanks to the paint protection film. It is able to reflect damage to the body, without impairing, or even improving the appearance of the car.
With the interior, everything seems to be easier. But this is not true. Windows in cars often open, and through them, dust, pollen, and moisture fly in with the air, which negatively affect the plastic, causing it to lose its original appearance and decorative properties. Harmful effects on plastic auto parts and UV radiation present in the sun's rays. Under its influence, plastic fades and fades. No less negatively on the plastic interior affect the passengers themselves, as well as temperature differences. Especially destructive can affect plastic severe frosts, which can even provoke cracking of plastic panels.
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