Offer your customers a new service - protection of interior

Offer your customers a new service - protection of interior
Offer your customers a new service-protection of interior elements with transparent film
This service will protect the interior elements from damage and scratches, as well as protect the monitors from constantly remaining fingerprints. This service allows you to restore already scratched surfaces and protect them from new damage.
Advantages of Console screen protection:
  • The protective film on the screen and consoles will be completely invisible;
  • The presence of the film does not impair the quality of the Touchscreen;
  • The tactile surface becomes more pleasant to the touch;
  • The protective self-healing layer of anti-gravity film will facilitate the care of all glossy interior surfaces;
  • The protected dashboard always looks as if the car has just left the salon.
With the further sale of the car, the protected console will visually win over consoles in cars of the same age and will become a significant plus in your favor.
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