How to protect the lacquer elements of the car interior

How to protect the lacquer elements of the car interior
What exactly will help protect such elements

Paint protection film is considered one of the most effective means of ensuring the safety of the attractive appearance of the interior lacquer parts of the machine. It has a transparent structure and remains completely invisible on the surface of the object of protection. This film is resistant to mechanical damage, temperature deformations and the negative effects of solar ultraviolet light, helping to preserve the original appearance of glossy plastic parts for 5 years.

Before gluing, the protective material is cut out according to the patterns corresponding to the size and shape of the desired element. Before pasting PPF body elements are cleaned of dust and other contaminants, and then subjected to degreasing.Then, using a spray gun, a soap solution is sprayed on the parts, which will ensure reliable adhesion of the film. After gluing, the protective material is leveled with a special scraper, simultaneously helping to remove excess liquid and air bubbles. At the end of this procedure, the edges of the film are further degreased. After holding for several hours, the protective material firmly adheres to the surface, without shifting even under intense pressure created by hands.
Further care of the film will not cause drivers much trouble. Car owners will only have to wipe the protected surfaces of the interior's lacquer elements from dust from time to time using a soft cloth moistened with a small amount of water.
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