Recommendations that will help increase the life of the PPF.

Recommendations that will help increase the life of the PPF.
First, you do not need to rush to wash the body and even more polish it immediately after pasting the car. The film needs time to adhere well to the surface. Therefore, within three days after its application, you should not wash the car, and you can polish it no earlier than in a few weeks.
If the necessary time has passed and you decide to go to the car wash, warn the car washer about the anti-gravity film applied, because you need to remove dirt more carefully, without using a device with high-pressure water supply and aggressive car chemicals, cleaning products with abrasive. The water should not be very hot or icy, spray from the hose can not be made closer than half a meter from the car. Otherwise, the layer may begin to peel off, air, dust and dirt particles will get under it, which will worsen the appearance of the machine. You also need to polish the machine carefully, without strong mechanical pressure.
Secondly, when spot contaminants appear (for example, from bird guano), they need to be removed as quickly as possible, since if they are absorbed into the film, it will be much more difficult to remove them. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid abrasive products and strong rubbing.
Third, a car covered with anti-gravity film requires careful driving. If you drive hard, especially off-road, then over time, flying stones can significantly damage the surface.
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