Motorcycle patterns: what do we protect?

Motorcycle patterns: what do we protect?
Motorcycle manufacturers often cover the speedometer and other measuring devices of the bike with acrylic glass, which becomes brittle as a result of prolonged exposure to the sun. To protect such a surface from the destructive effects of ultraviolet radiation, it is possible by pasting it with a sunscreen film.
The use of patterns, in turn, will help to apply the film strictly along the contour of the protective glasses, while maintaining the attractive appearance of the dashboard.
If the speedometer, tachometer and fuel level indicator are covered with silicate glass, it can be covered with the same anti-gravity film. Its application with the help of a template will allow you to protect the glass from mechanical damage in the form of cracks and scratches that can worsen the view of the dials.
Body type
The body of the vast majority of modern motorcycles has elements with a paint or electroplated decorative coating. During high-speed driving, the sides of the bike can experience a considerable abrasive effect of sand and dust lifted into the air by the wind. Unprotected decorative coatings can lose their original attractive appearance after a few months of motorcycle operation. As a result, when selling a used motorcycle, its owner is likely to face a lack of demand and will be forced to significantly reduce the price. Cheap pasting with the help of patterns the body of a new motorcycle with anti-gravity film, you will have a high chance of a quick and profitable sale of a used iron horse.
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