Advantages of using electronic templates for PPF

Advantages of using electronic templates for PPF
The company Autopatterns specializes in the production and sale of electronic patterns for pasting the body and interior of the car with anti-gravity film. We offer patterns for polyurethane anti-gravity film of the brands XPel, 3M, SunTek, Stek, Hexis and other leading manufacturers.
Compared to other ways to improve the appearance of the car, pasting with a special film has many advantages, including the ability to perform full or partial pasting, auto styling.
In favor of the decision to cover the car with anti-gravity film, cut out according to individual electronic patterns, they say:
  • high quality of pasting due to the absolute correspondence of the sizes of patterns and parameters of the pasted parts of the car;
  • cost savings on the film due to the accuracy of the patterns (no need to adjust or re-glue);
  • save time on pasting;
  • the ability to avoid scratches on the paintwork during the pasting process, since it is not necessary to adjust the material;
  • the ability to simplify the process of pasting.
The use of patterns is necessary when pasting parts with complex configurations (doors, headlights, fenders, bumpers, etc.). Precise patterns allow you to avoid strong tension of the film, due to which the material changes its structure and partially loses its protective properties.
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