Patterns for texture films

Patterns for texture films
Texture film will allow you to change the image of the car with minimal effort, time and money, to update the appearance of the interior. It is reliable, durable, and has high strength. It is not afraid of chemical and physical influences. And at the same time, it is easy to cut it, for which you can use patterns for cars, and process it.
Product range of texture film
It is made of vinyl and can be two-or three-layer. Its popular types are:
• With a wood texture. Gives a luxurious look to the car interior. Also suitable for the decoration of the body. It can have a glossy and matte texture. Additionally protects the parts of the car from minor scratches and scuffs.
• With carbon fiber texture. The coating created with its help looks stylish and expensive, and makes the car stand out from the crowd. It is used for finishing the entire car body or its individual parts. The film is divided into three groups: 2D - the simplest type of coating; 3D - is a three - dimensional structure; 4D-creates an enhanced visual effect.
• With textile texture. It has a matte texture, and is suitable for the body, and for any elements inside the interior. With this coating, the car will look luxurious and unconventional.

The variety of colors and design of the texture film provides limitless possibilities for tuning the car. It can be completely covered with a material of the same color or create a unique pattern from a variety of small elements of different shades and textures.

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