How to protect the car interior from the sun

How to protect the car interior from the sun

The sun's rays are one of the main factors that affect the condition of the car's interior. Under the influence of ultraviolet light, its elements quickly burn out and lose their presentable appearance.

How can this problem be prevented?

One of the most common methods is tinting. Modern films can not only shade the interior, but also block harmful ultraviolet radiation. However, due to legal restrictions, only the rear windows can be completely tinted; the light transmittance of the front windows is subject to requirements.

Drivers also often use special curtains. They are fixed on the side windows, usually with the help of suction cups. Curtains are inexpensive, made of mesh material. However, you will not be able to ride with them. Curtains are classified as tinted, so they must provide the required level of light transmission.

Special screens are usually used to protect against UV radiation entering the interior through the windshield. They are wide canvases made of reflective material and are attached with suction cups or to the side mirrors. Such screens effectively prevent the interior from heating up.

If you plan to leave the car in the parking lot for a long time, you can use a cover-tent. It is a cape, usually made of woven material. The main advantage of covers-awnings is to provide protection from UV rays from all sides. They also prevent the negative effects of precipitation. Awning covers are not suitable for daily use, as covering the car with them takes a long time.

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