What are the advantages of patterns for a PPF and why it is not always possible to use ready-made stencils?

What are the advantages of patterns for a PPF and why it is not always possible to use ready-made stencils?
PPf is a reliable means of protecting the car from the negative effects of the environment, corrosion and scratches that can leave small stones bouncing off. To avoid strong tension of the film during pasting, patterns are used for the interior of cars, doors, wings, etc. The widespread use of such patterns is due to the mass of their advantages, but does this method have disadvantages?

Why should I use electronic patterns?
Patterns are stencils through which the finished pattern is transferred to a specific surface. This device allows you to quickly apply an PPF to the body elements of the car. There are ready-made sets of stencils for specific car models. The film for them is painted according to computer patterns, taking into account the parameters of the machine. The use of stencils has the following advantages:
Savings. Due to the absence of the need to customize the patterns, you will need a minimum amount of film.
The most accurate pasting. Full match of the pattern and the pasted part of the car.
Simplicity. The application of ready-made elements on the car simplifies the process of pasting, saves time and prevents the appearance of scratches on the car, which can occur when the film is adjusted independently.
Disadvantages of the method
A large selection of kits allows you to choose a ready-made pattern for the bumper of the car and other parts. However, despite a number of advantages of using electronic patterns, sometimes car owners are forced to cut the film themselves. For example, if a set of stencils is not developed for a specific car model, and a set for another car is not suitable. Or the car is equipped with non-standard body parts due to tuning. In this case, the finished pattern will not work. You will need to cut and customize the material yourself. But such a need rarely occurs, and in other cases, the best way to paste a car with an PPF is to use electronic patterns.

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