Methods for calculating the amount of film for car pasting

Methods for calculating the amount of film for car pasting
Pasting a car with a protective film is a popular way to preserve the appearance of the body and interior surfaces of the vehicle. To do this, you need to know how much autovinil will be needed to cover all surfaces – insufficient footage will lead to a stop of work on tuning vehicles, the appearance of unplanned joints. Using a template for the bumper of a car and other parts of the vehicle, you can roughly determine how much vinyl protective film is needed for the coating.
Methods for calculating the square footage of the protective film
Car owners typically use two methods to calculate the amount of film needed to cover the car:
  • self-measurement – with the help of a tape measure, you need to remove the dimensions from all parts of the body or interior that are supposed to be pasted;
  • calculation of finished patterns – the amount of film is determined by the area of the stencils.
When independently calculating the amount of protective film, it is necessary to take into account such parameters as the type of body or interior, the area of the surface to be covered, the characteristics of the material used, the width of the roll. For the convenience of cutting, a film with a width of 152 cm is most often used, for small cars, a width of 137 cm is enough to cover the body and interior panels with solid elements without joints. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account how much the PVC material stretches and whether it shrinks. For example, carbon vinyl has a small percentage of stretch compared to glossy or matte film. Therefore, when calculating independently, it is necessary to add 2-3 meters to the area of pasting determined by measurements for allowances and elimination of possible errors.
If the car owner chooses the second method of calculation, then he will not have to resort to complex calculations of the required amount of film for pasting the car. The pattern for the interior of a car of a certain brand or for its body parts assumes a ready-made scheme for cutting the material. This method allows you to pre-calculate the film footage with high accuracy: the patterns are calculated using a computer program for a specific car model. This allows you to reduce the cost of buying "stock" for unforeseen flaws and tolerances.
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