Advantages of polyurethane and vinyl film with a matte effect

Advantages of polyurethane and vinyl film with a matte effect
Advantages of pasting glossy interior elements with a matte film
Pasting a car with a protective film is an excellent alternative to paint and varnish materials. This tuning allows you to achieve a presentable appearance of the body and interior elements in a short time and with minimal financial investment.
To make the process of gluing vinyl or polyurethane film even more effective, individual templates are developed. The pattern for the car interior is precisely cut out to fit the size and shape of the parts. Before pasting, the elements of the PPF housing are cleaned of dust and dirt and degreased. After soaking in a few hours the protective material firmly fits basically, the elements do not deform even under the strong pressure of the hand.
Applying a protective film is not an easy process that can not be carried out without having some experience, so it is quite difficult to do it yourself.
Shiny or matte: which one to choose?
The choice of skin-tight interior elements depends on personal preferences: matte mutes the color, giving it high cost and exclusivity, glossy enhances the shine and brightness.
Perhaps one of the main advantages of a matte coating is that, unlike glossy, it is very resistant to mechanical influences, does not leave traces and prints and hides flaws. Glossy film looks very impressive and has a wide range of colors to choose from, but it is more capricious in operation than matte, which will allow the elements to look more presentable for longer.
Advantages of the matte film
The service of pasting a matte film of the entire car or its individual elements is not without reason in great demand among motorists. This method will allow you to get a matte effect much cheaper than when painting with a matting varnish.
Thanks to the elasticity of the material, the patterns for the car interior fit snugly to the details, leaving no gaps and bubbles. The pasting protects against damage and scratches and covers small defects. The film allows you to avoid wear of the handles, armrests and holders.
It is extremely easy to maintain the cleanliness of the coating, since such a tight fit does not require special care. In addition, if necessary, the skin can be easily changed, without causing any harm to the pasted parts.
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