What is the best way to glue the monitor in the car interior?

What is the best way to glue the monitor in the car interior?
Rules for pasting monitors according to patterns. How much water to use
The technology of pasting vehicles with a protective film is popular and is one of the most common services provided in specialized salons. Often, the masters prefer not to cut the film themselves, but to use blanks for a specific brand of car-a pattern. There are, for example, patterns for the bumper of a car for the interior of a car, etc. And if many people prefer to resort to the services of specialists for pasting the entire body, then such details as the monitor in the car interior are often protected with a film themselves.
How to properly glue the protective film?
Outside, the car is protected with an paint protection film to avoid scratches and scuffs. In the cabin, the risk of such damage is low, however, small scratches may occur on the display over time. So that this does not happen, and patterns are used.
As a rule, it is not necessary to make any additional measurements, because the workpiece is made according to the parameters of a particular car. The main thing that is required from the master is to tightly glue the film to the display, so that no air gets under the pattern and there are no bumps.
When applying, it is better to use water so that the pattern for the car interior lies flat. If you try to simply glue the film, there is a risk of doing it not quite accurately. If you try to re-apply the adhesive layer of the workpiece, debris may get on it, and it will no longer be able to lie flat. The use of soapy water helps to create a slide pattern on the display, which allows you to level the film.
You can buy a ready-made soap solution, but it is easy to make it yourself. Very little liquid is applied to the display. Sometimes it is better to leave it dry altogether if the screen is sensitive to moisture. The film itself, after separating from the protective layer, should be thoroughly moistened with water, for which it is better to use a spray gun. On your hands, too, it is better to apply more water.
After applying the blank to the display, you need to align it and remove any bubbles with a special polyurethane scraper. The remaining liquid is removed with a towel or napkin, after which the display is left for several hours until completely dry.

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