How is the interior of the car pasted with film

How is the interior of the car pasted with film
Stages of pasting the car interior with film

Over time, many motorists think about pasting the car interior with a protective film. This allows you to prevent wear and burnout of the elements. How is the pasting done?


First, you should prepare the interior elements. Those that have a complex shape are recommended to be dismantled to simplify the pasting process. After that, you need to thoroughly clean them from dirt. In case of severe wear, it is necessary to restore the appearance of the interior elements with the help of specialized compositions. The final stage of preparation is the degreasing of the surfaces.
Wait for the interior to dry.
Now you can start preparing the film. Usually, it is simply applied to the element and cut out a piece of the desired shape, and then cut. But in order not to make a mistake with the size, it is best to use patterns for the car interior, which can also be purchased in our company.

When the entire film is cut, you need to prepare a soap solution. To do this, fill the spray bottle with water, and then add a small amount of liquid soap or shampoo. Stir the solution thoroughly. After that, seal all the technological holes in the interior (for example, with masking tape), so that water does not get into them.

Spray the interior elements liberally with soapy water. Then peel off the protective paper layer from the protective film. It is best to do this in rubber gloves, so as not to leave greasy fingerprints. Spray the adhesive side of the film liberally with soapy water. After that, apply it to the interior element and give it the desired position.

Carefully smooth the surface of the film with a rubber spatula. Try to expel all the air bubbles from under it. Move from the center to the edges. Then, using a construction hair dryer, dry the film, while continuing to smooth it with a rubber spatula. Make sure that it fits snugly and evenly to the surface. Then you can start gluing the next piece of film; when the last one is fixed and smoothed, the procedure can be considered complete.
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