Wrapping a truck with film: how to choose a material and where to find patterns

Wrapping a truck with film: how to choose a material and where to find patterns
Owners of trucks and dump trucks who want to find electronic patterns for carefully cutting the protective material in the form of pasted bumpers, doors and fenders, can find patterns for the car body according to the make and model of the vehicle in our catalog.
Film selection criteria

If the truck regularly moves on intercity roads with a dirt surface, the body should be covered with polyurethane PPF. Such a protective material will protect metal surfaces from dents, scratches and chips when they collide with stones that shoot at high speed from under the wheels of the vehicles in front of them.

Truck owners, who often operate and park the car under the scorching sun, should buy a film that does not pass UV rays for pasting the body. This material will protect the paintwork from burning out, simultaneously preventing the body from heating up in hot weather.

Many drivers who operate a truck in mud conditions face unjustifiably high costs for washing the car. In this case, for wrapping the body, you should choose a film that has good water-repellent properties. With such a film, liquid road dirt flows quickly, without having time to dry. As a result, the vehicle body retains a presentable appearance for 2-3 weeks after washing. Along the way, the use of a film with water-repellent properties allows you to reliably protect the body metal from the corrosive effects of atmospheric moisture.

For dump trucks operated in quarries or used for the transportation of construction debris and scrap metal, you should choose a film with a self-healing top-coat layer. Pasting a truck with such a film with the use of pattern for the car body it will provide reliable protection to the areas of the paintwork that are most vulnerable to scratching due to frequent contact with sharp objects.
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