What are electronic patterns and how to use them

What are electronic patterns and how to use them
The body of the vehicle is constantly subjected to various kinds of mechanical loads, some of which can lead to damage to the paintwork. The reason may be a bird that landed on the hood, a branch that fell from a tree, a stone, etc. Also, the paintwork is affected by salt, which is showered on roads in winter. Scratches can also appear in the interior due to careless actions, for example, with cutting tools. To avoid damage to the paintwork will help a special film, which is pasted over the machine parts. To do this, you need to buy a set of patterns for the body and interior of the car.

Features of electronic patterns

Previously, motorists made their own patterns. First, the mounting film was laid on the surface, and then a marker was drawn along the contour of the part to be pasted. After marking, the film was removed and cut along the lines. Thus, blanks were obtained, on the basis of which a set of patterns for pasting cars was made.

Today, sets of electronic (i.e. digital) patterns are used for this purpose. They are files in CDR or AI format, inside which there are drawings for all the details of a particular car model. In our store there are ready-made electronic patterns for almost all vehicle brands. You can use the filter to specify the model of your car, and then select the appropriate kit. After payment, the file will be sent to your email address.

What to do with electronic templates

After receiving the file in CDR (CorelDRAW) or AI (Adobe Illustrator) format, you need to open it in the appropriate computer program and transfer it to the plotter machine. This equipment has a CNC and can cut the material according to the downloaded drawing without human intervention. First, you need to fill the machine with the appropriate material. Then you can start the cutting process.

As a result, the user receives patterns that repeat the shape of the car parts with an accuracy of a few fractions of a millimeter. They can already be pasted over the vehicle. Fixation is usually carried out in a wet way. First, the surface is thoroughly washed, degreased. Then moisten with a soap solution. After that, you can carefully stack the material. At the same time, another participant warms the film with a hair dryer and smoothes it with a squeegee.

You can also buy drawings for individual parts of the vehicle, such as electronic patterns for the bumper of the car, for the hood, etc.
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