How to determine when it is time to change the plotter knife

How to determine when it is time to change the plotter knife
If you want to keep a sharp knife for cutting the film for the car interior on patterns for a long time, you should minimize the work with materials harder and denser than polyurethane and vinyl.

Steel knives for plotters often have a titanium coating. With uneven abrasion of such a shell, the undulation of the cutting lines of the film is often observed. Therefore, if you notice a bare steel on the blade, and the edges of the cut film have an untidy appearance, the cutting tool should be changed without thinking.
If the pressure force is set incorrectly, the plotter knife may suffer mechanical damage as a result of contact with the working table during the film cutting process. In such a situation, the need to replace the cutting tool is indicated by:
  • blade curvature;
  • the appearance of notches on it;
  • tear of the film as a result of tension when the tool is hooked.
Regardless of the material of the knife, the critical level of its wear is indicated by a change in the declared sharpening angle, which greatly worsens the quality of the contour when cutting a film with a complex geometry. The incorrect position of the spindle installed (with a deviation from the vertical) is usually caused by the deformation of the shank, which is also the basis for replacing the part.
When using a steel cutting tool without a protective coating, the need to replace the knife may be due to the appearance of corrosion marks on the blade. Rust not only reduces the quality of the cut, but can also contaminate the film, impairing the adhesion of the pasted material and the substrate. To protect the knife of the plotter used for cutting the film according to the patterns for the bumper of the car from corrosion,<br style="box-sizing: border-box; color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family: " open="" sans",="" "lucida="" grande",="" sans="" unicode",="" arial,="" helvetica,="" verdana,="" sans-serif;="" white-space:="" pre-wrap;"=""> it will help to lubricate the part during the preservation of the equipment, as well as to maintain air humidity in the working room no higher than 70 %.
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