How to calculate the cost of pasting a PPF car

How to calculate the cost of pasting a PPF car
To preserve the original appearance of the vehicle, it must be pasted with a protective film. Today, polyurethane ones are very popular. You can buy a set of patterns for the body and interior of a car from us.

What determines the cost of pasting the body with polyurethane film

The price consists of the cost of:

  • Purchase of an electronic template.
  • Plotter cutting services.
  • Reinforcement work (dismantling and installation of various body elements - nameplates, handles, moldings, etc.).
  • The salary of the master.

In addition, the cost of the procedure depends on the characteristics of the vehicle body (for example, the geometry of the body panels, the presence of decorative elements, etc.).

The estimated cost of pasting the body with polyurethane film

The cost of electronic patterns can be different, depending on the class of the car, the size of the body, etc. For example, we sell a set of electronic patterns on an Aston Martin Rapide AMR (2019) for $ 250, which is approximately 18,000 rubles. You can also buy patterns for individual parts of the car from us (for example, patterns for the bumper of a car, etc.).

After payment, the set of patterns will be sent to your email. There will be a file in CDR format. It must be sent to the plotter cutting machine. The CNC equipment will independently perform the cutting of the material according to digital drawings. This service costs on average from 10,000 rubles to 20,000 rubles. For simplicity, you can take the average indicator - 15,000 rubles.

The cost of reinforcement work (installation and dismantling) depends on what parts need to be removed before pasting, how much time it will take, etc. Usually professionals charge from 4000 rubles to 10000 rubles for this service. You can take the average value - 7000 rubles.

And finally, the salary of the pasters. This point is ambiguous, the cost of work may vary from one workshop to another. But you can take again the average value - 15,000 rubles. (the pasting procedure is usually carried out by 2 masters).

If you add up all the expenses, you get 53,000 rubles.

The result obtained is not the final cost. There are many other factors that can change this value both in a smaller and in a larger direction.
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