What is plotter cutting and how is it performed?

What is plotter cutting and how is it performed?
The popularity of plotter cutting is due to the fact that it combines precision, high manufacturing quality and affordable price. Today, this process is fully automated, so an error due to the human factor is excluded. In this way, you can make patterns from any material by cutting through it completely or only the top layer.
By means of the presented method, you can quickly perform a variety of manipulations:
  • cut through the material to the substrate;
  • carve a picture;
  • cut through the film or paper;
  • perforate.
Cutting is called plotter cutting, since a high–precision plotter machine is used. This is a device for automatic drawing, with which you can cut patterns, images from a variety of materials - plastic, paper, vinyl film, cardboard. If the equipment is configured correctly, the result is neat cuts without defects. In terms of accuracy, this cutting technology can be compared with laser processing. It allows you to produce both large and small batches of products.
How is plotter cutting performed?
To begin with, a pattern is created in a special program on the computer, which further controls the movement of knives. This allows you to minimize errors during operation. After selecting the prepared template, the material is inserted into the plotter. If you need to produce a pattern for the bumper of a car, then polyurethane film is most often used. Then the process of recognizing the width of the material is started. The device independently selects the cutting area with an accuracy of up to a millimeter. The participation of the operator is required only at the stage of preparation of the material.
The production time of the pattern takes no more than 5-7 minutes (depends on the size and complexity of the template configuration). After processing is completed, a signal is received. After that, it is required to remove waste materials in order to start covering the car. This technology guarantees the accuracy of processing.
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