Which elements of the truck body require film protection

Which elements of the truck body require film protection
The most vulnerable places of the truck
The front part of the truck is the most unprotected. There are different sections on the highways and not all of them are distinguished by a good roadbed. Therefore, stones of different sizes can fly into the front of the truck. They leave dents and chips.
Glass is also sensitive to both dirt and stones. This applies to headlights — low beam and fog lights - and the windshield. Scuffs significantly impair visibility. In addition, scratches spoil the appearance of the headlights and dirt gets clogged in them. It will take a long time to wipe and wash the headlights, and this takes time.
The bumper and the front part of the truck also suffer from the influence of dirt, moisture and reagents. They can be covered with rust, so the areas should be covered with a film. You can purchase the pattern for the bumper of a truck and make suitable templates.
If it is important to save money, then limit yourself to several zones. These are the bumper (front and rear), headlights, door handles, sills and fenders. You can paste over the mirrors and hood. If you doubt which zones are the most fragile, then carefully inspect the truck. This way you will quickly find the damaged areas.
You can protect the side body. For example, if the sides are plastic, then they are subject to mechanical damage. It is advisable to protect the fittings and handles for lifting inside the body.
The steps are also difficult to maintain in good order, especially in bad weather. Therefore, they can be covered with a film. It is important that the material covers the entire surface, otherwise it will quickly peel off and deteriorate. It is not necessary, but it is desirable to protect brand names. They do not affect the serviceability of the truck, but give it beauty and aesthetics. Therefore, it is better to maintain their attractiveness.
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