Glossy or matte film: which to choose?

Glossy or matte film: which to choose?
It is convenient to apply them for their application patterns for the car interior. Many mistakenly believe that these two coatings differ only visually. The matte film does not shine, and its glossy appearance gives off a typical glow. In fact, there are differences in performance characteristics between these two coatings. After studying them, you can easily decide which film is better - glossy or matte.
Characteristics of coatings
Glossy car film has the following advantages:
  • The acquisition of a bright shine by the body, which is difficult to obtain even with the help of polishing.
  • A variety of colors.
  • Easy replacement. Glossy film is great for quickly transforming the appearance of the car.
But the material is quite capricious. Fingerprints, scuffs, scratches are clearly visible on its surface. To keep the gloss of the film as long as possible, the coating will have to be constantly polished.
The characteristic features of the film with a matte texture are its practicality, easy care and, of course, the original appearance. It makes the body color deeper, protects the paintwork from the negative effects of UV rays, excluding its burnout. It is worth noting its maintainability. Shallow scratches can be easily pulled out with a heat gun. Of the disadvantages of the matte film, the impossibility of polishing it and a small selection of shades are noted.
What is better, everyone decides for himself. Applied with patterns for the bumper of a car or other body elements, a matte film will give the car solidity, elegance. At the same time, it will be possible to forget about the complex daily maintenance of the coating. If you want to stand out from the stream and give the body a shine, it is better to give preference to a glossy film. The main thing is that you will need to be ready for regular care of her to maintain a presentable appearance.
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