How to protect a novice driver's car and preserve its appearance

How to protect a novice driver's car and preserve its appearance
Useful tips for novice drivers
In order to prevent the occurrence of cracks and other mechanical damage on the body and interior surfaces we recommend wrapping them in protective film. It has high durability and elasticity and can even protect from stones flund from under wheels. If you wish, you can order car interior templates from our company, which can allow cutting pieces of protective film in the eaxct size and shape.
You can prevent scratches on the bodywork if you clean it properly. Inexperienced drivers often wipe the dust off with a dry cloth. Tiny dust particles are however bety abrasive. Therefore the cloth has to be dampened. It is also necessary to regularly clean the wiper blades, as they also accumulate dust. Otherwise micro scratches will also form on the windscreen.
All bodywork contamination should be immediately removed. Some of them, for example, bird exctements, contain hightly aggressive substances. They penetrate the paint coating and destroy it, causing rust to appear. Corroded locations should be immediately treated with a special medium - rust converter. Damaged areas shall further be puttied and repainted.
Some inexperienced drivers overdo on polishing. Indeed, this procss allows bringing back the former shine and colorbrightness and to remove micro scratches. However, after each polishing the lacquer coating gets thinner and more vilnerable to adverse impact.
Our company offers car interior templates for practically all popular car brands, such as Mercedes, Skoda, Toyota, etc.
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