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Autopatterns.com - is a specialized site for the sale of electronic templates for protecting the interior and body of the car with film. All models of interiors and most bodies are produced by us and tested on cars. You don't have to trim them or disassemble the car parts. We monitor the relevance of the database, so when new car model start selling, we immediately produce templates for it.


Our templates are designed for cutting on a plotter on different materials. We sell our products to many PPF manufacturers, so we guarantee their quality and versatility.
Autopatterns.com - one of the areas of the KVM&Co group of companies. Other directions:
Kvm-ko.ru - official distributor in the South of Russia of the main producers of films: 3M VentureShield ; 3M Scotchgard Pro; SunTek; ClearPlex; Legend; Stek; Hexis BodyFence. As well as the center for training in film installation on cars.
Autostudio23.ru - a network of centres for the installation of PPF, detailing, tinting cars. It has been operating since 2006.
When making patterns, we test the finished material on cars to make sure of their quality. We collect feedback from our customers to make the best patterns.

Legal information:

IP Kovalenko Vasilina Viktorovna 
ИП Коваленко Василина Викторовна

Address / Юридический, фактический адрес: 

350029, Ivanovskaya street 7, Krasnodar Region, Krasnodar           
350029, г.Краснодар, ул.Ивановская, 7

VATIN / ИНН: 231707977125

Beneficiary: IP Kovalenko Vasilina Viktorovna
Beneficiary’s bank:   ALFA-BANK
Beneficiary’s bank address: 27 Kalanchevskaya str., Moscow, 107078


e-mail:  autopatterns@gmail.com
Phones (Call, WhatsApp, Telegram):
+7 918 411 52 13


e-mail: sales@autopatterns.com

Phones (Call, WhatsApp, Telegram):

+1 321 473 74 13 - Melbourne, FL, USA

+7 918 411 52 13 - Krasnodar, Russia