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Distinctive properties of self-healing PPF


Durability, good water-repellent properties, resistance to yellowing and other advantages of self-healing PPF

If you don't have your own plotter where can I go to cut patterns


One of the most popular types of car detailing today is the pasting of the vehicle with PPF, decorative and sunscreen films

Types of film for car wrapping


The number of cars covered with film in the general flow is only increasing every year. This method of car styling performs two functions at once

Wrapping a truck with film: how to choose a material and where to find patterns


Many truck owners, wanting to avoid the annual repainting of the car body, decide to cover it with a film

What are the dangers of cutting the film on plastic and disassembling the interior


Many people after buying a car decide to protect the plastic elements of the interior from mechanical damage with the help of anti-gravity film

Why do electronic patterns not provide doorways for the film


To understand why the electronic patterns are not provided for the doorways for the film, you need to familiarize yourself with the manufacturing technology of such patterns

Wrapping cars with dry and wet methods: comparison of methods


Car Wrappinng PPF allows you to protect the paintwork of the body from chipping, scratches and other types of damage. Also, thanks to wrapping, the vehicle gets an updated design

Pasting PPF gadgets


Smartphones, tablets, monitors, laptops and other everyday electronics are covered with anti-gravity film to protect the displays and cases

How to make interior patterns for new cars


Machine-building companies usually do not put electronic templates for new vehicle models into free access

Techniques for applying paint protection film in different countries


in America and the technique of pasting in Russia