How to wrap the headlights with a PPF

How to wrap the headlights with a PPF
Even with careful operation of the car, its headlights may appear chipped and cracked, for example, due to stones flying out from under the wheel. This is often encountered by drivers who are forced to move off-road. To prevent damage to the headlights, you should think about pasting them with anti-gravity film. How is it implemented?
Main stages of the procedure.
First, prepare pieces of film of the desired size and shape. For some models of machines, there are special templates that are used to cut the material. Otherwise, you will need to remove the headlight and attach the film tightly to it. Then marks are applied to it, according to which the desired piece is cut out. At the same time, just in case, leave a margin of at least 1-2 cm.
Then the headlight surface is prepared. They are thoroughly cleaned of dirt and grease, otherwise the film will not hold fast. To do this, use a warm soap solution. The headlights are washed with a soft cloth; it is advisable to use microfiber, which does not leave lint. Ingrained dirt is removed using vinegar or specialized tools. Then the surface is treated with a degreasing compound.
Now you can start gluing the film. To do this, it is carefully separated from the protective layer, trying not to touch the adhesive composition applied to it. To avoid this, it is recommended to wear rubber gloves. Next, a soap solution is sprayed on the headlight from the spray gun. Then apply the film and select the optimal position for it. The soap solution allows you to move it on the surface of the headlight, without fear of damage to the adhesive composition.
When a suitable position is selected for the film, moisture is expelled from under it using a rubber roller. Make sure that the coating is glued tightly and there are no air bubbles under it. If the surface of the headlight is grooved, it is recommended to heat the film with a hair dryer and smooth it so that it takes the shape of the surface. After that, it will only have to wait until the coating dries.
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