Interesting facts about car film pasting

Interesting facts about car film pasting
Protect your car from such damage can be a protective polyurethane film, which is pasted over the car body. If you want to buy a pattern for the bumper of a car,
with which you can cut a protective film for your car, please contact us. Electronic patterns are suitable for any model of plotter.

The history of the protective film

PPF was developed for the US military industry to protect helicopter blades. The fact is that with frequent flights in dusty and sandy regions, the helicopter blades wore out very quickly, which is why they had to be replaced regularly, and this is very expensive. To reduce the cost of maintaining equipment, helicopter blades were covered with a protective film. Replacing such a coating cost the army much cheaper than installing new blades.

Protective properties of PPF

The polyurethane film coating has a very high strength and good resistance to piercing, so it is able to protect your car even from sharp stones. In addition, the protective film contains rubber, which gives it high elasticity. Thanks to it, the polyurethane film perfectly absorbs shocks and can protect your car from damage even in a minor collision with other cars, for example, when parking is unsuccessful.

In addition, with the help of a polyurethane coating, you can protect sensitive parts of the interior of the car, for this you can buy a template for the car interior from us.
This film perfectly protects the lacquered interior elements from scratches and scuffs that occur due to constant touches.
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