How to position the film on the bumper to properly glue it

How to position the film on the bumper to properly glue it
To avoid such troubles, it is necessary to protect the body elements with a polyurethane film. You can buy patterns for the interior and body of a car from us.

Experienced car owners recommend immediately (or within a few months) after buying a car, first of all, glue the front bumper of the car with a film. Of all the body parts, this element is in the high-risk zone - pebbles flying out from under the wheels of oncoming cars, small particles of sand, gravel that have an abrasive effect, etc.

How to prepare a protective film for high-quality positioning

Today there are 2 options for the preparation of protective material.

The first method involves the independent creation of a pattern (template). That is, some material is applied to the bumper, then the outline of the part is outlined on it with a marker. After that, this drawing is transferred to a solid material, for example, cardboard. This will be the pattern. Now, according to this drawing, the shape of the bumper can be cut out of the protective film. It is very difficult to position such a film due to inaccuracy.

The second way is to buy an electronic pattern for the bumper a car of a specific model. The template is delivered as a file (usually in DWG format). The file can be sent to a plotter machine, which will cut the protective material according to the drawing. Such a film is easy to position, since it exactly repeats the contour of the bumper.

How to position

After preparing the surface of the part (cleaning, degreasing), you need to remove the protective layer from the film, exposing the adhesive side. But you can't glue the material on the bumper right away. First, you need to apply a soap solution to the surface of the part (baby shampoo is suitable), or special gels. These measures will not allow the protective material to immediately stick to the surface.

After laying the film on the bumper, it can be moved, that is, positioned. At the same time, it is necessary to control that there are no free edges of the film or unpeeled areas of the bumper. If everything is fine, you can start smoothing the film with a squeegee.
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