How to choose the color of the film for car pasting

How to choose the color of the film for car pasting
In addition, it is a great way to protect the paintwork from chips, scratches. Special patterns for the interior of the car and its external elements help to glue the car quickly. The color palette of avtovinil is estimated in hundreds of shades. At the same time, each of them can be matte, glossy, with a crystalline luster, etc.
Film color selection criteria
These include the following:
  • Practicality. The most convenient to use is the gray or silver color of the car. Dirty stains, scratches, chips will not be visible on such a coating.
  • Safety. According to this parameter, the white color that reflects the most light wins. A car covered with such a film can be seen from afar, including at night, at dusk, in bad weather. The insidious color is blue. It creates an optical illusion that the car is at a further distance than it actually is.
  • Theft protection. According to the statistics of Russian insurers, the least intruders are interested in cars of bright green, orange, purple colors. Pale blue, golden, beige cars are associated with inexpensive subcompacts. But the transport of black, red, bright blue colors is in high demand among the hijackers.

To feel safe, it is worth giving preference to white film. But at the same time, we must not forget that all the dirt will be visible on it. The solution to the problem is regular visits to the car wash and careful driving. If there is a desire to stand out from the gray mass, reduce the likelihood of theft, then the best option will be gold, orange, camouflage shades for pasting the car.

With the help of a film, you can change the color of your car any number of times. The main thing is that the work should be done by professionals who use specialized equipment, patterns for the bumper of a car and its other parts, high-quality materials. Then it will be possible to keep the factory paintwork under the film for a long time, which will benefit if the decision is made to sell the car.

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