How to make interior patterns for new cars

How to make interior patterns for new cars
Fortunately for car owners, such patterns can be made by detaling workshops. You can buy electronic templates for pasting the interior of cars of new models with a film in our company, which also offers customers patterns for the car body.

Pattern making technology

At the preparatory stage, the vehicle is driven into a closed room, where there is no wind and dust that can complicate the work. The parts to be pasted are first wiped clean with a soft, damp cloth, and then degreased. Putting the interior in order in this way will avoid inaccuracies in the further application of the mounting film. If the inside of the car is cramped, and the patterns need to be made for large-area interior elements, before starting the main work, sometimes the seats in the first row are dismantled.

After applying the mounting film to the interior parts, it is outlined along the contour of the part with a marker. After removal, the protective material is cut off from the outside of the outlined perimeter with a cutting knife. Along the way, the distance between the extreme points of the parts to be pasted is measured in width and length. The obtained data will help to scale the patterns in the future with the optimal proportions of the sides.

Next, the cut film is photographed, and the digital image is imported into a graphic editor. Then the raster contours of the interior details are made vector. Symmetrical interior elements in the graphic editor are duplicated and mirrored, and then grouped, placing them properly relative to each other. At the final stage, the electronic patterns for the car interior are saved in the format supported by the plotter software, which will be used when cutting the protective film.
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